Tuesday, June 3, 2008

End of school

Today was Chloe's last day of first grade! Her report card was awesome and they had an assembly today where she won an award for most improved reader in her class. She is reading at "end of 2cd grade" level!!!!!!! Isn't that great? I'm so proud-she was shocked when they called her name-I'm glad I was there to see it! We're going out tonite to celebrate that as well as the last day of school...she picked Steak n Shake-LOL.

Last night and again today we had some major storms blow thru here. Lots of trees and limbs down-TONS of lightning last night-the really scary "i think that just hit my neighbor's house" type...Needless to say no one got much sleep-well, except for Gabe-it didn't phase him at all!

So today is the last time I'll have a view of this when I look down...ever.

I'm being induced tomorrow early morning. Cross fingers and toes that all goes well. The next post hopefully I will be showing a picture of a healthy little boy.


Angela Wright said...

Hey - long time since we have talked but I just wanted to tell you good luck and I wish you a smooth, un-complicated delivery in the morning. I'm sure you are excited/nervous.
Anyway, how exciting for you that tomorrow you will be a family of FIVE! I didn't even know you were having #3 until you sent your blog link a while back.
I hope you got some beautiful maternity photos with the kiddos - would have loved to have done them :)!
Take care - and by the way, your jewelry is beautiful! I wish you would create some photo pieces!!

Angela Wright said...

oopse! I just saw that your post was from two days ago - so, I hope you are getting along great! Can't wait to see a photo the little one!

Terie said...

Best wishes....can't wait to see baby shots. I love babies, have four of my own. Very cool!