Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our last 3rd

Our #3 candle has been used for the last time :(

 And all of a sudden he seems so HUGE to me!

 We had an impromptu cupcake party with some neighbors.
How awesome are those cupcakes? I was inspired by a cake on pinterest and had to try it out.
You just take your cake batter and seperate it into small bowls and add food coloring.
(our mix was lemon but it was light yellow)
then just spoon in the different colors carefully and bake em up!
Sooooo pretty.
You could tell when each kid bit into one because they'd gasp and say Oh wow! Look!

 Yes, my 4 yr old has "sleeves" sigh...
Can you tell someone figured out how to do tattoos on his own?

We had a bee sting as the party started.
Chloe got it on the lower lip-yeowch!
Finally caught a smile on her though-she had a rough time for a bit.

 The parachute made an appearance.

The crew. Can you believe We have so many kids on our block alone?
Now, granted-6 of those are daycare kids down the block but they're a staple around here.
We were still missing 11 others that didn't come!
Can you imagine our block in the summertime?
Oh yes, it can be crazy :)
But a good crazy.

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