Friday, January 14, 2011

A new place to apply lipstick

Ok, i know this isn't a real exciting post but it's little things like this that make me happy :)

For months I'd told Travis I wanted new plates and glasses and to spiff up the glass front cabinets in our kitchen.

Once I figured out what it would take I started stalking our local freecycle for mirrors-BIG mirrors.

I LOOOVE freecycle!

So here's our cabinet for glasses.

Not sure why I was into cobalt blue when we got married. Lots of mismatched sets with odd ones broken over the years. So many of these we didn't even use. Those boxes to take to Goodwill were HEAVY. lol.

Out with the blue!
Here we are with nice new clear bubble glasses that should never go out of style.

And the Loads of obvious chips on the edges.

Plastic mismatched kiddie plates.

Hmm. ick. Remember-glass front cabinets?

Ahhhhhhh. MUCH better!

For Christmas my mother in law bought me the plates and bowls I've been eyeballing for a year.

So much more restful to the eye.

Peek a boo!

Did you forget I mentioned mirrors? Yay!

I was lucky enough to find a couple people renovating and getting rid of those big old plain frameless mirrors on freecycle...just a little trim here and there on them w/ a glasscutter and they slid right behind the shelving.

Love them!

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