Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our vacation in photos....Part 2

See what I mean? Fearless. That kid was jumping in so much the water wings went on asap after this. Not that I trust them much but made me feel a smidge better.

Dinnertime before getting dressed for the wedding. Crabby Bill's. Gabe loved the huge crab on the roof and screamed Crabby Billlllllllllllls each time we drove by.

I love whoever thought of resteraunts having crayons on hand....

Gosh, I already miss daily seafood!!

They have a photographer come around and take your picture then charge you an outragious amount to print it in the back room to take home. I asked her while she was at it to use my camera as well. (she made it far away and wonky. little did she know I could fix that...)

Anyhow, here's all 5 of us plus Nana and Uncle Tyler who joined us down there for the wedding.

(*take a good look at Gabe's face-lol)

On to the wedding.....centerpieces of seashells and seaglass.....so pretty.

A really unusual and funky cake they had made. Pineapple too-yummmmmm!

I wish I had taken more pictures of the dessert table...They had an evening dessert reception. Anything you could think of-chocolate covered strawberries, little raspberry cobbler bites, mini key lime pies, mini coffee cake bars....that's only a little...wow.

Helloooooooo white chocolate seashells with graham sand!!!!!
How cool is that-really??!! I had to do a double take. I thought it was only decoration!

Guitar player sat up front to play beforehand and to walk down the aisle...nice touch. Each time I'd go to take his picture he's sit up a little straighter-funny.

Playing with editing pics for Tyler's facebook page-lol.

Me and my gorgeous daughter-who came home all cocoa brown...Can you believe she's only 8? No, I'm not short-she's crazy tall!

Thinking the print on this dress is making me look a little pregnant.....hmmmm. No-I am not.

Our view slightly to the right as they said I do...

Joe and Nicole
(had to grab from this angle since the photog had them busy)

Here are the 5 of us with Nana and Uncle Tyler afterwards again

And an outtake for you as well. Most would come out like this-lol.

Nicole-looking gorgeous with her dad...

Wish I'd gotten a good one of her and Joe.

If I could do our whole wedding thing over I'd do it this way. On the beach at sunset? Perfect weather? Small and intimate? Oh ya-in a heartbeat.

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Anonymous said...

Just when I thought I was done crying!!!! Great pics Amanda!!! We had an awesome time with you all and miss you!!!! Love you all!!