Monday, May 17, 2010

Our vacation in photos....Part 1

There's going to be quite a few pictures in these next few days. I'll just toss some of the cuter ones on here.

We wento down to the Clearwater Florida area for a family wedding. Travis' cousin, Nicole, got married at sunset on the beach. It was a gorgeous, perfect evening...more on that later...
We stopped in Metropolis to visit Superman.....

Trav and I got makeovers...My head didn't get screwed on straight though.

An interesting picture of all the superman guys. I didn't realise we'd actually had that many.

Passing through Nashville....awful. Most exits were closed w/ police directing on the highway. There were people pulled over on the side here and there taking pictures. Actually SEEING the flooding that Chloe had heard about really hit home for her. Really sad. And I'm sure this area was only the tip of the iceberg.

We had to stop at the gorgeous Tennessee rest area we always stop at. It's on the lake with picnic spots all over and wooded, shady and a great place to let the kids run and stretch their legs.

The night we got into Florida we went to Nicole and Joe's house for their wedding rehearsal that they held in their backyard. This is her father walking her down the "aisle". During rehearsal they married under their grapefruit tree. How cool to have that in your backyard :)

Afterwards we ran over to catch the sunset at the beach across from our condo.
Gabe~starting to collect seashells for his classmates. Love this picture.

Gabe's one of those texture sensitive people so it took awhile for him to warm up to the sand on his feet but then he got over it and had a blast playing in it. Sawyer on the other hand is Mr. Fearless and went crazy out there. He LOVED the sand. Digging, rolling, piling-you name it. Not scared of the water either-unlike Gabe who only got in at the very edge.
Fine by me actually-my heart can only handle 1 fearless little person at a time!
Me and Trav's toes...

More tomorrow!

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