Sunday, February 21, 2010

Road trip!

When my mom mentioned that my brother, who lives in Charlotte and I haven't seen in months, was going to be in St. Louis for the night we decided to hit the road to have a quick visit...

He is on the road with the group Carbon Leaf, who played at Blueberry Hill. he used to work full time for them when he was in Richmond (where they're from) but now he travels with them every now and then doing their sound.
We walked around for awhile window shopping while he did sound checks for a couple hours. Here's a sassy
Had to take this music store pic for Gabe. Check out that guitar-lol.
The Loop-the area near Wash U is where we were. Lots of neat resteraunts, bars, bookstores and shops.
I swear 90% of my pics turned out like this-lol. The flash was too blinding right across the table...
We ate at Blueberry Hill with my brother, Clif and the drummer of the band, Jason.
I was surprised at how many cameras I saw sticking up other than mine. Glad I wasn't alone-lol.

Chloe's had a bit of a crush on the lead singer, Barry, ever since we saw them play a couple years ago up in Chicago when he dedicated a song to her for her birthday and got the whole audience to turn and look at her. She even had people telling her happy birthday later in the day who recogized her. lol. What 6 yr old wouldn't looooove that!? She even named her stuffed bear "Barry" after him...I don't think she's wild about the new beard though...
For their last song Suzanna Choffel got up to sing with them. She was the opener and was honestly very very good. I'm kicking myself now that I didn't buy one of her cd's...
We had to jump into the photo booth before heading out. I love that that place had a photo booth and try to remember to jump in one whenever the opportunity arrises. Poor mom was squished in on the floor-lol. Love this.
So glad we jumped in the car and went. Even though we didn't get to spend a ton of time with Clif it was nice to be with him. The music was great and I truly felt like an old lady driving 2 hrs to get home and in bed by 3. lol.

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looks like you had a good time!