Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I had no idea when we planned to go to the Indianapolis Children's museum that they had a glass display by artist, Dale Chiluhy. I've seen many people pay homage to his work by using his pieces to inspire some really cool wavy disks and funky shaped beads. I had no clue how cool his pieces were until I standing there with my jaw gaping open in awe.
Yes, that's a guy all rigged up dusting each piece with a long duster thing. That "chandelier" was 4 stories tall!
A couple pieces in cases along the wall...
Aren't the colors gorgeous in that piece?
This was taken from underneath the chandelier. There was glass ceiling with a revolving bed you could lay back on and gaze up. Very cool. I have an all new appreciation of glass blowers everywhere!!

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Mary said...

I LOOOVE Chihuly's work. I've seen it at Atlantis in the Bahamas and he did a big installation of his stuff in one of our Public Tropical Gardens that we went to.

We took Justin there when he was a wee 4 months old. It's just gorgeous!

So glad you got to see his stuff in person. Photos are amazing, but can't do it justice.

XOXO, Mary