Monday, June 29, 2009

We're baaaack!

Last week we went on vacation to Tennessee with Trav's aunt and uncle. On our way home we stopped in Indianapolis for a couple days to go to the children's museum (wow!) and the Zoo.

I'd never been to the Gatlinburg area. I was surprised at how BUSY it was in areas. You wouldn't think this little mountain town could hold so many people-then you go down around the corner and you're in the middle of peaceful woods and streams and waterfalls. So interesting.

A few highlights: hiking a couple miles UP to see a waterfall, going to the Ripley's aquarium (Gabe was in awe),one of the biggest loudest rainstorms I'd ever heard,sliding backwards on the steep yet teeny tiny gravel road heading to our cabin, Sawyer learning to wave, getting lost trying to find a covered bridge on the property of a Sanitorium with very scary people all around us (I've been googling but can't seem to find info on that place!), seeing a bear and it's cub in the woods during a cool hayride, getting to touch a shark and spending time w/ JR and Bernie.

While in Indy we went on a drive to find this pizza joint Trav had found online and it led us to this little town on Indy called Carmel. I think we both decided if we were to ever move but stay in the midwest that would be the ideal town to move to. It was so quaint, clean, had a neat little arts district downtown with cool statues scattered all over town and a great bikepath. We found the coolest abandoned old church for sale and talked about how cool it would be to rehab it and live there-lol. Here's a shot of the church...

It was 100 degrees the day we went to the Indy Zoo. Sure makes me appreciate this weather we're having right now! After a storm the other night it's perfect out-sunny and mid 80's. LOVE IT!

It's funny how anxious I always become on the way home from a trip. I start getting all these wild ideas of things I want to get done at home and can't wait to clean, do laundry and organise. No idea why...Maybe it's caused by the chaos of living out of a suitcase-lol.

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Angela Wright said...

Hey!!!!! I was in Carmel at the same time as you! Check my blog to see what I was up must talk all about your vacation! I stayed at a friends place in Carmel - an apt. bldg. within walking distance of Bub's probably crossed paths and didn't even know it! Did you eat at Beazebux's Pizza?? ( I know that is seriously NOT how you spell it..) After going, I decided that I had to bring the kids back, so I would love to talk with you about the museum and zoo. Did you get Chick Filet while you were there??