Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Product review

As a hairstylist {out of the game for the past few years} I've used my fair share of professional products. I've seen this shampoo bouncing around for awhile but never tried it. Since November I've cut 16 inches off of my hair. Yikes! At first it was nice and bouncy and sleek but as it's grown it's become so blah and flat and just hangs there.
Fast forward to the other day when I was in the supply for a product for my cousin and thought I'd pick up some shampoo since we were out and I was having to use the kids junk-lol. I was initially drawn to the smell-which reminded me of something from my childhood...but I'll tell ya what, guys! Wow. Just a couple days and I am LOVING it. Squeaky clean, smells yum and is bouncy all day! I didn't feel all flat and ick at the end of the day-crazy! So for what it's worth-if you're looking for a new shampoo to try-I love it!

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