Friday, December 28, 2012

This Christmas.......

Now that Christmas is over we've been blissfully hunkered down watching movies and playing lots of video games and putting Lego sets together. We were lucky enough to have oddly warm weather earlier this month which made shopping for gifts quicker and easier.
My grandmother's cherry delite-mmm.
School Christmas parties :)
A nice visit with our grandmother
My brother and his family visited!
Handmade gifts :)
Practing up for his next visit to "sing-song beach"
Thanks to Grandma for the bongos :)

Christmas shopping in flip flops :)
I kinda dug it.
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!
I for one am on the fence over taking the trees down. I think it's just the antsiness of all the packaging and extra "stuff" laying around.
I told myself once the trees were down and New Years and the dreaded birthday were over that it would be time to start on the master bedroom makeover...Can't wait!

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