Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Why har-roww there!
My name is Gigi!

(Mom made me this nifty temprary nametag from an old washer).

I am 2 months old today!

I love:
hinges (?)
an old towel
my teddy bear

I have:
the softest fur
nice white socks on my front feet
1 black toenail on my left foot (my birthmark;)
a pretty pink argyle collar
sweet puppy breath
a funny soprano coyote howl (that comes to visit at 5:45 am each morning)
a cute little bellybutton on my chubby belly

I came to live with my new family 3 days ago. So far I'm fitting in just fine...;)
I might be a smidge happier if these kids would let me down on the floor now and then

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