Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chloe's dream come true

Chloe has begged me for years to have her ears pierced. I've been saying that she can when I feel she was responsible enough to take care of them herself and be diligent about cleaning,etc without me staying on her about it.

(But if I have to admit it: part of me wouldn't let her do it younger than I did-weird? Maybe...but I can live with that)


After the first one.....

I love the continuous shutter on my camera

She did SO much better than I expected. Only made a couple funny faces and that was it.
No tears-yea!

Some pretty little cz chips to show for her bravery. And at Target today she beelined it for the earring section and found a cute Christmas set for next year-her first danglies. Teeny little jingle bells and snowflakes. (and on clearance now dontchaknow) ;)

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