Monday, January 4, 2010

Reflections on a birthday

I'm kicked back on the couch listening to an old 80's compilation cd someone made me years ago and flipping through decorating books I got from the library today (trying to channel my inner Candice Olson-har har). I can't wait to figure out what exactly I want to for our Living Room remodel.

Right now Trav is making one of my favorite dinners while the kids are playing with play doh at the kitchen counter. They keep bring me birthday giraffe cookies (with their playdoh)and rattlesnakes (still play doh!) wrapped around their necks(guess I should say "draped over their shoulders" since that's more accurate. I love the smell of play doh. Doesn't everyone?

I had a flashback earlier today. I had climbed onto a bottom shelf (I think) at JC Penney's. I was probably about Chloe's age (8) and we were living in Goose Creek, South Carolina. That shelf was maybe 10 or so inches off the floor and I remember like yesterday thinking "whoa-is this how it feels to be grown up?" and hoping that when I was an adult I didn't feel so dizzy and discombobulated being SO high up in the air. Then I sat on the shelf (must've been bored while mom shopped) and started looking at my hands in that lighting and wondering what my hands would look like when I was older. I stared at my hands and willed myself to remember what they look like

Wish I'd taken a close up picture of them-because I don't remember them. I guess looking at Chloe's hands is bout as close as I'll get. Ah-I think I just found my next project-taking pictures of her hands so she'll never forget how HER hands looked at this age. ;)


Karen Russell said...

Happy belated 37th - hope it's a great year!

Kristal said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Found your blog from your comment on Karen Russell's blog. And you're right...who doesn't love play doh? :) Love your post!

Sherry L Keifer said...

Say what? Wrapped their necks?? Are you thoroughly idiotic? See your physician promptly

Amanda said...

Umm...ya,evidentally I need to add a disclaimer that the rattlesnakes around their necks are made of PLAY DOH before someone MISREADS my post turns me into dcfs. How dare I let my kids play with playdoh? Shame on me!