Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Future fireman?

Boy did Gabey have fun tonite! We had our annual neighborhood night out tonite and the guys at the firehouse a few streets over always come by.

The kids have fun exploring the truck and spraying the hose. Gabe ended up being their little buddy-choosing to stay with them instead of going to eat ice cream with the other kids so he got a few extra priviledges-getting an extra spray with the hat on and getting to sit in the drivers seat!

He remembers these firemen! At the beginning of summer we had walked to Baskin Robbins one night after dinner. They pulled up in the lot and started to go inside but when they saw his jaw hanging open and going on and on about the firetruck they zipped over and offered for him to jump in the truck right then!

I'm sure I'll still be hearing all about this tomorrow. :)

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