Saturday, July 5, 2008


I've been inspired! Tara Whitney has started on her blog a OPAM (one project a month) challenge. I just LOVEEEEE the family portrait wall she just completed!! OMG. upon reading some of her comments from others and seeing their projects and what they've gotten done it's lit a fire under my butt to try and get a few things done around here!!

Now that I've said that please bear in mind that with the remodel of a house that is what-104-105 yrs old there is ALWAYS a project of some sort going on anyway. I feel like a bit of a cheater this month because I've decided my project should be to finish the front porch -since it's already in the midst of being worked on anyway...Only problem is most of the work comes from Travis. It's actually almost finished being painted and only needs the columns built, floors stained and rail built. I guess MY job would be to find and order porch furniture, doorbell, mailbox, house numbers,doormat and some pots and flowers for the steps. Maybe I could throw in a bit of landscaping too- I was actually just out there w/ a hose trying to come up w/ a curvy shape for out and around the tree,etc...Not feelin it yet...

So-the before pics are already on here a few posts back-no need to re-post those. I'll hopefully be posting a finished porch pic at the end of July!! :)

So-I challenge you all who stop by here!! Go for it! Let's get some little projects done that we've been saying "oh I'll get around to that!" If you do this --don't forget to show me some before and after pics! :)

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