Saturday, May 24, 2008

It's been awhile...

I guess I haven't been all that motivated lately. I've made a few beads, put together a pair of earrings for Chloe's teacher for an end of the year gift but that's about it...I actually can't reach my torch very well these days since my belly makes me sit too far away and I've had to adjust how I hold my arms and it's honestly a big pain in the rear (well, shoulders-lol)

Soooooo-I've decided to just chill out and not worry about making anything right now and when I think of something cute I just jot it in my notebook for later days. I"ve had tons of contractions lately so I've gone ahead and set my etsy shop on a temporary close down til I'm up and at em again-Maybe a couple weeks/month?

Other than trying to get ready for baby I've been just trying to organise what we'll be doing this summer. It's time to start planning Chloe's 7th (dang I cannot believe it!) birthday party, Trav's aunt and uncle from Fla coming up to visit at the end of June, trying to come up w/ a long weekend trip (so far it sounds like hiking at Starved Rock by our friends Tim and Jolene) and scheduling vacation bible school, swimming lessons and art camp for Chloe...

I'll check back in here soon and hopefully have more exciting stuff to talk about and maybe some pictures...:)

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